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Bulgur.. your next favorite grain

Bulgur is a grain you need to add to your diet.. now!

Bulgur is wheat that has been parboiled, dried, and cracked. It has a chewy and nutty flavor. Bulgur is high in protein and fiber, low on the glycemic index and delicious!

For those who are concerned with the glycemic index of grains, you’ll be happy to know that bulgur is lower than oatmeal, brown rice, and sweet potatoes on the glycemic index scale.

I buy bulgur at a middle-eastern market near my parent’s house, but you should be able to find it at major grocery and health food stores. Bulgur varies in size. I like course bulgur (#3) as a substitute for rice. Medium Bulgur(#2) is used in Tabbouleh, which is also a very healthy, delicious dish.

So.. for those of you who haven’t heard of bulgur, go out and buy it! For those who are familiar with it..keep enjoying it!

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